The Ripley Road

to London & Cambridge

A Rural Ramble through Farm, Fen, Field & Fell

Sunday, October 2, 2016, 10 forenoon

Lake Mills, Wisconsin

A Bicycling Backwards vintage British cycle day run of 35 miles.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

10 forenoon -  3 afternoon

rain or shine.

Lake Mills, Wisconsin

to London & Cambridge

via the

Great Ripley Road & Lake Ripley

Ramble Home

This year we take as our theme one of the most sacred and well-trafficked of cyclist thoroughfares, the Portsmouth Road, known universally to men and women of the wheel as the Ripley Road, for the 23-mile jaunt from London to Ripley was for no fewer than 20,000 cyclists their annual Whit Sunday destination.


From London to Ripley on Sundays of yore the road was clotted with young swains and damsels, scortchers and potterers both, coursing over the gravel which for the cyclists was otherwise untrammeled except by the occasional coach or oxcart.


Our ride, too, will be along the Ripley Road, past lovely Lake Ripley.
Half along scenic crushed limestone trail, exploring the fauna and flora of meadow and moor, and half on macadamized road surface down many a byway of the country shires where we shall become acquainted with the colourful and curious habits of the local rustics. Along the way we pass through the bustling metropolises of London and Cambridge.


We keep to the fore the motto that as an army marches on its stomach, so doth a cycling party pedal on its. And so, along the path, we'll stop for a classic drum-up of tea and what have you. By sacred vow upon the Union Jack on John Bull's belly, it'll be a ride you won't want to miss!

bicyclingbackwards003009.jpg bicyclingbackwards003008.jpg bicyclingbackwards003007.jpg bicyclingbackwards003006.jpg bicyclingbackwards003005.jpg bicyclingbackwards003004.jpg bicyclingbackwards003003.jpg
A stop at Wisley Wood, on the Ripley Road, UK, c. 1910
At The Angel Inn, Thames Ditton, 
off the Ripley Road, Britain.
bicyclingbackwards003002.jpg bicyclingbackwards003001.jpg
For the story of the Ripley Road in pdf format, click on the image above.