The Ripley Road

to London & Cambridge

A Rural Ramble through Farm, Fen, Field & Fell

Sunday, October 2, 2016, 10 forenoon

Lake Mills, Wisconsin

A Bicycling Backwards vintage British cycle day run of 35 miles.


Our point of departure is the Glacial Drumlin State Trailhead (juncture of Rts. 89 and Hwy. A), Lake Mills, Wisconsin, in picturesque Jefferson County.

We wheel southwestward on the Glacial Drumlin State Trail to County Park and a brief stint of grass track "rough stuff" through the prairie path.

Thence westward again, through tunnel and over bridge to the Lake Mills Wildlife Marsh to espy the glorious water birds. And so along the trail to London, that bustling megalopolis of perhaps 200 souls.

We amble in a southerly direction down Route 134 to Cambridge and the Ripley Bakery.

Thence east-by-southeast by way of the famous Ripley Road along the shores of Lake Ripley and via rustic roads north to Mud Lake Road toward Lake Mills, with a brief stop at Pat's Prairie for more viewing of wildest nature.

Thence to Sandhill Station State Campground to walk the boardwalks and take in the Glacial Heritage Water Trail.

Back at the Glacial Drumlin Trail Headquarters for a brew up, and then to our waiting motorcars and a fond farewell till next year's Rural Ramble. Hardy souls may stay for a spin into Lake Mills and the Tyranena Brewery.

No riders left behind.

This is not a race,

but a ramble.

You will find ample opportunity to shorten

or extend your route should you so choose.

Maps and Cue Sheets available the day of the ride.

The Route

Ramble Home
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