The Ripley Road

to London & Cambridge

A Rural Ramble through Farm, Fen, Field & Fell

Sunday, October 4, 2015, 10 forenoon

Lake Mills, Wisconsin

A Bicycling Backwards vintage British cycle day run of 35 miles.

Your ENGLISH HERITAGE steel bicycle of any vintage.


Cycles from the British Dominions (Canada, India, etc.) ARE allowable, as are British-built American department store-branded bikes or even American machines for which Sturmey-Archer hub gears were fitted as original equipment.


--$4.00 in exact change for a Glacial Drumlin Trail day pass.

--Spending money for beer tasting & post-ride pay-as-you-go luncheon.

--Treats to share at the Drum Up (also known as a brew-up, or, depending upon the time of day, “elevenses” or tea).

--A lightweight camp stove and small tea kettle if you have them, for brewing up.

--Camera & binoculars for the Lake Mills State Wildlife Area and for capturing the odd image of the rural bumpkin in his native habitat.

Ramble Home
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What to Bring