The Ripley Road

to London & Cambridge

A Rural Ramble through Farm, Fen, Field & Fell

Sunday, October 2, 2016, 10 forenoon

Lake Mills, Wisconsin

A Bicycling Backwards vintage British cycle day run of 35 miles.

--WE ARE A SPANDEX-FREE ZONE! Wool, cotton, and other things sheared from the animal kingdom, plucked from the field, or spun by the creepy crawly creatures are acceptable.

--Do try to match your dress to the era of your cycle. In other words, if you're riding a '70s Raleigh Pro, don't wear knickers, vest and a handlebar moustache (unless, of course, you're playing the eccentric). And if you're on a '40s New Hudson roadster please keep that orange-and-black Ti Raleigh racing jersey in the dresser drawer. In the fine art of our type of cycling, aesthetics are to the fore and the devil is in the details.

--AWARD FOR THE BEST-DRESSED Cyclist & cycle combo.

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What to Wear